"We are really enjoying the lake house that Tony built for us. This was our first home construction project, and Tony was patient and helpful through the process. We would recommend Tony to others who are considering new home construction." - S. & L. Galloway
"The craftmanship was excellent and Tony, you sir impressed us so , you treated that house like you were personally going to live in it. Everything was done right." - Wright
"We trust our builder completely!" - P. and J. Frietag
"You have helped me and Scott realize our Dreams! How often in life do you get to do that? I don't think we believed this was possible until we met you." - C. Jones
"Lynn and I feel very fortunate to have had you as our builder. Our house is beautiful and functional. " - M. & L. Phillippe
"We loved working with Tony, it was truly a wonderful experience." - S. and B. Falls
"Everyoe who comes, loves my house. I am very proud and also thankful that I have had such wonderful people to work with on this "dream"." - J. McCrary
"We would highly recommend Tony Hirst as a builder and architect for anyone wanting to move in quickly." - S. and B. Falls
"THANK YOU for helping make our dream house come true. It's truly been a great experience and I believe that in the end is proof of a successful project when the owners are not only satisfied but had fun in the process" - P. & J. Frietag
"A simple "Thank You" isn't enough to tell you all that I appreciate what you've done for us. Our experience with you was so wonderful!" - C. Jones
"My experience working with Tony was outstanding. From the design stage to the pre-construction stage, to the final completion, it was a pleasure working with him. I would highly recommend his work and his character to anyone." - Doug Lewis
"Attention To Detail. Responsive. In Depth Knowledge." - J. Gicewicz, Rutland, VT
"We love our house and we were very well pleased with Tony as our builder." - Hawkin - Henderson, NC
"My electric bill is $122.00 per month for 2,300 sq. ft. when I was paying $110.00 per month for 1,200 sq ft." - S. Grimm
"We can not say enough how wonderful our home building experience was working with Tony and his team. The hard work and perfection he put into our home was outstanding." - J. and H. McKinney
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Exterior Siding

When deciding which material to use on our homes, we look at a few criteria. First is budget flexibility, since there is a wide cost difference between the least expensive siding and higher end products like brick or rock. Second is the customers vision of what the outside of their home should look like and project to orthers. The third are any suggested products we can make our customers aware of that might help them make their vision come to life better then their expectations.

Some of the most common products we have installed and will talk about further on our website include:
- Vinyl Siding (horizontal dutch lap and verticle board and batten) - These are our most used products and most cost efficient products up front. Often we will use both horizontal and verticle to break up larger homes or accent portions of the home.
-Backed Vinyl Siding has a backing of styrofoam or similar product that adds R value or insulation value to your home. It also helps with noise reduction in residential or high traffic areas. Backed vinyl is hard to the touch vs non backed vinyl. Backed vinyl typically comes in wider panels with more reveal mimicking hardy boards when applied.
- Hardy Board comes in either primed or baked on prepainted versions. Hardy also makes shakes and fish gill designs for accent pieces. Hardy materials are usually completely installed on-site. Hardy boards are a fiberous concrete product that termites do not like. The boards are more difficult to install then siding and more expensive per foot to buy.
- Brick has been a siding of choice for hundreds of years in various forms. Brick is offered in a multitude of colors and several sizes. We can cover any modular home in brick. The process for bricking a modular home is almost the same as a site-built home.
- Rock has many different looks and options from stacked stone to river rock and from dark colors to very light shades grey. Rock installation is normally used for accents on the home. We use a lot of rock on pillar supports, fireplaces, and smaller exterior portions of the home. We have rocked entire homes, as seen in the Cash pictures.

This is not a comprehensive list of products and we will often combine many products and shades of colors within those products to highlight portions of the homes. By combining products we can achieve a richer look without breaking your budget.

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