"We loved working with Tony, it was truly a wonderful experience." - S. and B. Falls
"We trust our builder completely!" - P. and J. Frietag
"My electric bill is $122.00 per month for 2,300 sq. ft. when I was paying $110.00 per month for 1,200 sq ft." - S. Grimm
"Lynn and I feel very fortunate to have had you as our builder. Our house is beautiful and functional. " - M. & L. Phillippe
"Attention To Detail. Responsive. In Depth Knowledge." - J. Gicewicz, Rutland, VT
"My experience working with Tony was outstanding. From the design stage to the pre-construction stage, to the final completion, it was a pleasure working with him. I would highly recommend his work and his character to anyone." - Doug Lewis
"A simple "Thank You" isn't enough to tell you all that I appreciate what you've done for us. Our experience with you was so wonderful!" - C. Jones
"We are really enjoying the lake house that Tony built for us. This was our first home construction project, and Tony was patient and helpful through the process. We would recommend Tony to others who are considering new home construction." - S. & L. Galloway
"Everyoe who comes, loves my house. I am very proud and also thankful that I have had such wonderful people to work with on this "dream"." - J. McCrary
"The craftmanship was excellent and Tony, you sir impressed us so , you treated that house like you were personally going to live in it. Everything was done right." - Wright
"You have helped me and Scott realize our Dreams! How often in life do you get to do that? I don't think we believed this was possible until we met you." - C. Jones
"We would highly recommend Tony Hirst as a builder and architect for anyone wanting to move in quickly." - S. and B. Falls
"THANK YOU for helping make our dream house come true. It's truly been a great experience and I believe that in the end is proof of a successful project when the owners are not only satisfied but had fun in the process" - P. & J. Frietag
"We can not say enough how wonderful our home building experience was working with Tony and his team. The hard work and perfection he put into our home was outstanding." - J. and H. McKinney
"We love our house and we were very well pleased with Tony as our builder." - Hawkin - Henderson, NC
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Well and Septic

If your house is located within a municipality offering water and sewer services, you will be charged a tap fee which differs in price for each town or city. The town or city will provide lines for us to tie into for each service. Once connected, you will pay the town or city a monthly fee for their services.

Septic systems like wells are used in over 50% of homes in Virginia and North Carolina. We will work with the county and state offices to determine the appropriate well and septic system for your home. We will then have that system installed and connected to your home. There are several types of well and septic systems, which can be found in our technology section. The most common well and septic system are explained below.

The most common type of well is a drilled well where a well company set up a well rig and digs a hole approximate 8" around until a vein of water is found with an adequate refill rate to supply your home. Normal depth for this area is 200' to 300' deep but wells can go 500' or more deep in some areas. Once dug, a well is grouted with cement to keep ground water from penetrating your well. A submersible pump is installed and water lines are run to a holding tank in your home. This tank then supplies water to your home.

A normal or gravity fed septic system utilizes fall or downhill elevation from the home to the drain field. Waste is routed from your house to a septic tank, where solids remain while wastewater is then fed to septic lines through a distribution box. The wastewater is then routed into the drain field, where it is cleaned by the Earth’s natural process.

For more detailed information on septic systems, click here.

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